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Security guard services

Security Guard Services Malaysia

Security guard services and rates

Security guard services in Malaysia is a competitive business. There are list of security company in Kuala Lumpur.

You can probably get to negotiate the guard rates based on the number of guards you want to hire.

Then again there are many factors that can cause the guarding rates to go up.

For instance if you are looking for company in selangor, do a list of the security companies names and search their credentials.

Security personnel you want to hire

Typically the rates for guarding changes with a few factors for example Location where the service area is located.

Standard operating procedure also changes the rate factor as the tougher the rules with make the job rates goes higher.

Security guard services and rates

Security guard rates and type of guards

  1. Local security guards
    We hire trained and experience local security guard
    Our rates for 24hours RM6500.00

    Security guard service

  2. Local security officer
    3 Years Experience Security Officer
    Our rates for 24hours is RM 7,500.00

    security guard

  3. Nepal Security Officer
    More than 3 Years Experience
    Rates for 24hours is RM 7,000.00

    Nepal security officer in Malaysia

  4. Nepal Security Guards
    Trained Nepal guards

    Rates for 24 hours is RM 6200.00
    Nepal Guards

  5. Bodyguard service
    Our unarmed trained bodyguard service with martial arts

    Rates for 8 hours service is RM 4000.00
    Overtime charges of RM 12.00 per hour

    body guard service

  6. Armed guard service

    Our armed security guards are trained by Malaysia Police Department
    Rates for 24 Hours is RM 12,000.00 per montharmed guard service

Bodyguard service

Blue I hires experience elite guard to be bodyguards’. We have happy clients like VIP who hires for our bodyguard for the last 8 years.

Last but not least, please check if the list of your requirement are met by a security guard company .

In Malaysia security company may have high strength in Johor bahru but may lack in support when their services is deployed in Kuala Lumpur.

Blue I Corporation Sdn Bhd have their strength in most cities in the country.

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Malaysia Security Company

Security Guard Company in Malaysia

We are a professional and technology savvy security guard company in Malaysia. We specialize in elite security services for all sector of businesses. Our management often send our security guard for 19 hours training every month for up-keep our company service standards.

We have different approach for different customer for example for our factory customer then our security officer will do a site audit to gauge the security risk and possible threat.

We have advantages in providing services for warehouse

Mission Statement
Our mission as security company in KL is to be known as the leading  qualified security company providing quality security and related services to the local business community.

Company Vision and Values
Our vision as a leading security company in Malaysia is that our management employees and operation employees will do their best to upkeep the company standard and values at the same time carry out their duties diligently with integrity and full of happiness.  Our company is to give career advancement for all employees therefore achieve our company goals. We hold ourselves accountable to our clients, staff and partners by honoring our commitments, providing results and continually striving to provide the highest quality security services.

Our Customer Care

It is the company duty to understand our customer’s needs and full fill their requirement so we bring value to our customer’s business. In Blue I have obtain the Malaysia security company ISO standards to ensure improvement in services to customers.


In this Security firm we set goals to attract customers and build relationships with them so we can achieve the best profitable long term business. On the other hand we must keep on hiring good employees and retain them to provide consistent services to our clients .


Our long establish firm

We are a long establish firm since 1994 and we have employees with almost 30years experience.

We are Technology savvy company

Although we have operation team with 30 years experience we still hire high tech personnel with technology knowledge in robotics, drone and mobile apps.

We believe in personality

Our management, operation team and on the field team are people with personality. We keep our standard high and make it look good for our customer.

We Listen to Your Needs

We’ll sit down with you to understand your needs, assess your vulnerabilities, and recommend the best response with a program that meets your security, public relations and budget objectives. We can also respond immediately to any problems or changes in your needs.

We Continually Asses Our Progress

Blue I maintains the highest levels of accountability for our officers by assigning attentive account managers and security supervisors.

We will continuously audit our services from the field guards to the management staff. bottom to the top.

Our management set a key performance index for our employees and coach them to achieve highest mark.

We are flexible

Many firms may try to coerce you into a long-term contract before doing anything to help, we believe in offering reasonable and componentized engagements that can suit your budget and help you make a rational decision once the danger is averted.

Blue I is a 100% focused company

Our firm remain completely 100% Security  Focused — While most other IT companies divert their focus, we maintain ours – centered upon IT security for small to midsize businesses (SMB’s are a preferred target for hackers and digital thieves).

We Do One Thing and We Do it Well

Blue I is well verse in CCTV surveillance, guard patrolling, man guarding, Investigation and security management. We have a way to keep up with the market needs.

We Hire Only the Best Security Officers

Our pre-employment screening with KDN, private vetting and back ground checking is done before hiring an officer. Moreover we will put the officer on job training for 3 days and monitor closely of their performance.

8. You’ll Never Pay Too Much

We understand our prospect needs and budget and always price them lower than their expected fees.

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