Commercial Building

Commercial Building

commercial building security

Blue I Security specializes in commercial sectors

What is commercial building

Commercial building is classifieds as a building that has 50% commercial activities such as retails, office, mall and Etc. Normally commercial building are equipped with security system such as CCTV, access control, intruder alarm and fire detection.

Security services for commercial building

We provide Security services for commercial property so our can feel secure, safe and pleasant.

Site security assessment

Blue I management has special team to do site audit of the building to asses the risk.  We will act upon the risk assessment report and work out our security solution.

Security breach prevention

Our management will do a prevention plan should there an emergency we will know how to act on the situation for example arson, our team will refer to the standard operating procedure done by us as part of prevention steps.

Highly-trained security guards

We recruit and train security personnel to be specialist in property guarding.

Mobile patrols

It is part of our service to deploy mobile patrol for surveillance. This service is effective for emergency response.

24 hours emergency response unit

We will deploy an emergency unit should there be any panic situation, fire detection, intrusion alarm alert to subside the situation.

Fire protection

Fire protection panel usually located in the security control room will indicate all the fire detector zone. Let say there is a fire the alarm will indicate the location so that the security officer in-charge will know how to act.

Security training

Training to specialize in security system in the building is essential so we usualy send our guards for 16hours security system courses.


We have many office building in Malaysia that we service. Our services differs from client to client  as per their security priority & challenges.  In Commercial building security we offer the best uniform design for an outstanding outlook of our guards, special system to tighten the security and etc.