Event Security

Event Security

event security services

Client: Event Management Companies

Skills: Organizing event for customer that needs Security Services

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Blue I Is a Trusted security company in Malaysia. We provide security guards for all sort of events.

Blue I is a Specialist in event security

Safety is utmost important in any events and we ensure everything to run properly.  At Events Security Services we know that the security personnel in the front liner as a point of contact. People will ask almost about everything about the show or exhibition.

We makes sure that our security understand all about the event.

How we train our event personnel to know all about the event

first of all our management will take all information from the host prior to the event. Then we will put in to our security apps for the guards better understanding. Blue I management then will call all the staff including event personnel for a workshop session. By this time all of our team will know all about the event we are about to manage.


Our services are divided in a few segment

International event guard services

International Event is a show that involved foreign delegates and local visitors. In this case we will work with a team of management staff to get all possible details about the show.

Some of the common event we manage are International musical show, concert, movie stars shows and international exhibition shows.

In the show like this we will have guest desk officers, access control, ticket checker and metal detector booth and Central monitoring system for face recognition that connects us to Interpol.


Local event services

This is by far the most jobs we get. almost 80% of our business consist of local shows and business. Our popular services such as Road Show sales, Sales Booth security, Warehouse sales, Year end sales fair and Holiday guards.

Our Staff can do Crowd control, ushers, ticket conductors, guest counter service, metal detecting personnel, bag checkers, site security, concert security, parking attendants and bike patrol to high end venues.

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