Industrial Security

Industrial Security

Industrial Security In Malaysia

Blue I Specialize in Industrial Security, Industrial Trained Management in
Safety, Logistics, pharmaceutical warehouse, Factory Workers and guarding.

We have over 12 manufacturing plant, factory and warehouses in our portfolio.

Blue I Security starts by understanding how our customer operate,

Listen to our potential clients & their security challenges,

we study the Standard operating procedure and we will do a security audit prior to the commencement.

Once we gather the information and we will propose what we can add as a value,

what changes our customer can do to improve and last but not least how efficiency can save money.


Criminal Activity in Industrial Sectors

Criminals often target industrial, Factory and warehouse. It definitely a tempting for thieves and vandals. The reasons being is

Most of this factories are in remote location far from housing areas

Warehouses and factories tend to keep high value goods that makes them vulnerable to criminal attracts.

Malaysia has one of the highest public holidays in this region thus makes them easy targets.

Although this factories installs intrusion alarm and CCTV yet more daring thieves are still targeting them.


How our security service is useful

Our guards should easily manage the security needs for industrial needs such as factory and warehouses.

Our security personnel are trained in patrolling, CCTV monitoring, emergency response, alarm system and fire panel system.

Since we are an RBA compliance security company most international companies recognize our capabilities.


Our organization Chart for industrial guarding

Security Coordinator is hired to work with the customer person in-charge in drafting standard operating procedure

and new implementation pertaining security operation.

Security manager will then do the guards management,

site problem solving and follow the rules set by the coordinator.

Security Assistant Manager normally assist the security manager in site operation

and be an acting security manager during manager’s absent.

security supervisor will attend to the security guard problems and,

training at site and briefing the rules and regulation to the security guards.

Security guard consist of Female guards and Male Security guards

will do patrolling and post duty as per the supervisor’s order


Industrial service rates

Security service rates for Industrial services varies according to the location, type of business example chemical factory or manufacturing company or Semiconductor company,