Security Guard Services

Security Guard Services Malaysia

Security Guard Services

Blue I Security Service Company that is fully owned and operated by professional full-service electronic security company in Malaysia.

Established in 2005, Our Security Services has continued to strive for excellence in the significant business of helping you protect

those you love and the things you work so hard for.

As Security Service Provider Company in Malaysia, We take pride in the premium level of security service we are able to provide.

Our goal is to provide each customer with "TOTAL SECURITY".

We tailor made your custom system, installing it, and then monitoring it by following up on every crucial alarm signal.

We make sure each and every detail is covered.

Please browse around our site. Take a look at some of the qualities that make

Blue I Security the premier choice

to get your security worries behind you and move on to other activities.

Then feel free to give us a call. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Protection Services

Blue I Security Guard Services

As one of Malaysia’s leading security services company you can be assured of a professional, premium service every time.

Our team is one of the most experienced security team in the country.

Our security team work are trained to deliver value and performance in today's fast-moving world

and utilize the best technology to provide you a safe and secure environment.

In engaging with us you are benefiting from dealing with a large company,

with the piece of mind that comes with our size.

This also means interacting with a large company that has a small company approach to delivering

the best security services in the industry.

Our security Guard Services aim to deter unauthorized person/s

gaining unlawful entry into your business,

ensuring that your people, property and valuables remain safe.

Nepal Guards

Nepal Guards

The Gurkhas , pronounced and correctly spelled as Gorkhas.

Historically, the terms "Gurkha" and "Gorkhali" were derived from the hill town

and district of Gorkha from which the Kingdom of Gorkhasthan expanded.

In Malaysia;

The contribution and supreme sacrifices of Gurkhas for the cause of Malaysian independence and freedom is always remembered.

@ Blue I Security

We are proud to have good quality Nepalese Ex Army and Ex Police that comes from the Gurkhas generation

to Contribute to the Security Industry in Malaysia. Security Guarding Services is on a high demand in Malaysia.

Nepals Guards are deployed in Multinational Companies, Bungalows, Residential Area, High Rise Building,

Commercial Buildings, Factories and Shopping Complex. Our Nepal guards are trained and well paid.

Many Malaysian Company are complaining about the quality of the Nepal Guards Deployed,

In Blue I Security  We have 5 star testimonial from our clients about our trained Nepal Guards.

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Tactical Guards

Our Tactical guards are deployed to manage security beyond the normal patrolling.
They are trained to defend your security area that is not visible such as own employees
or management that is back stabbing the company growth,
external syndicates, internal corporate investigation
and security breach by the In House security employees.

Armed Guard Services

Blue I encourages Armed guards for high risk areas,

high risk business and VVIP protection. To be an armed security guard and carry a firearm

with you while on duty, a guard must attend compulsory Courses and training that organized

by KDN, PDRM & PIKM with minimum  hours of training that specializes in firearm handling and safety.

Guard Dog Services

Guard Dog Security Services

Our K9 units provides an excellent deterrent and able to reduce the high requirement of manpower

for patrolling and static guarding. We have trained guards to handle Guard Dog.

Blue i Security has received many testimonial from our factory and warehouse customers for being the best hindrances

of criminal activities. The guard dogs has a ability to sense intruders far more better than human.

We highly recommend guard dog services for industrial plant, bungalow houses, factories, residential condominium

with large fence areas and gated community. The demand for Guard dogs is increasing gradually

as it is probably the best solution as oppose to arm guards

because the arm guards has rules of engagement.

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