Bungalow Security Guard

Blue I Security is an Established Security Company known for Bungalows Security Guard, Bungalow Guard Service provider mostly in Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya in Malaysia .

We are popular in the industry and highly chosen by the top celebrities, business men, industrialist , Political VIPs and government officials & diplomats. Our presence in Kenny Hills, Bukit Damansara, Ampang, Mines, Bangsar and Mont Kiara.

Our services are preferred in Malaysia because we have developed trust in our clients. We offer them quality and personalize services; that are always successful. Our services are carried out as per the training offered by expert such as highly ranked ex-policemen men and technical experts hence we are always excellent.

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Factory Security Services

Factory operators are challenged with constant high volumes of visitors and workers passing through their doors, extensive stock and expensive equipment all around. Factories are made extremely vulnerable environment when it comes to crime.

Blue I Security are trained to tackle all of the challenges your factory premise offers head on. With almost 7 years in the industry we’ve expertise and experience by providing the following efficient and value add services to keep your factory protected at all times.

In Malaysia, There are issues with internal theft, External theft, in-house Logistics theft or outsourced logistics theft, Scrap collectors and Etc.

So Integrating our unbeatable, qualified and trained factory security guards with our technological security devices we’ll provide that all important deterrence your factory needs to warn off criminals and opportunists. Aiding our human presence with CCTV and mobile patrols we can ensure that there’s no area of your premise left uncovered. With many factories located in remote locations, upholding a rigorous factory security plan will indicate that your site is by no means a site that makes it easy for vandals, thieves and intruders of any kind to take advantage of. With many warehouses and factories falling victim to expensive equipment being stolen and machinery being tampered with, this is not only financially detrimental but can leave your staff operating dangerous equipment. To prevent this, here at Churchill Security our security officers can perform random patrols through the night when you’re most at risk, to give you the peace of mind that when you lock up for the day your assets are under our watchful eye.

Security Services for Gated Communities

There are more Gated Communities in Klang Valley this days. Some of the residential Association (RA) is already applying for Gated & Guarded Community status for Commission of Building (COB) Malaysia. Its important that you are a registered COB so that we can work together. We realize that in Malaysia, The RA have problems with uncooperative house owner and problematic tenants, guess what! we are trained to even manage situation caused by them.

We are known for our Home Security service and residential security services. When you select us as a service provider for a residential neighborhood, our area managers will scrutinize the entire area, study the CCTV system, Access control system, visitors registration, contractors registration, patrolling check point, house rules and so on.

Our management are well verse with the COB regulation hence we can be more than just a security service provider in Malaysia.

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Warehouse security Services

Securing the Warehouse
The warehouse that holds all of the items that are meant for shipment must be under 24-hour guard. The products are all kept in one place, and there are always people coming in and out of the facility.

When the warehouse has perimeter, our security officers will ensure that only trucks in the fleet and authorized personnel get into the warehouse area. We have great knowledge and experience in managing security for warehouse business.

Our security protocols is to check trucks in and out of the facility & help the company ensure that their trucks are coming and going as they should. We help with the logistics of the operation, and we make sure that all entrance and exit is secured.

The warehouse itself must also be patrolled at all time and we normally help our client to set up the guard clocking system for guards patrol. Intruders need to be kept out of the facility.

We manage the trucks coming in and out well. we will follow the SOP of the fleet in and out. Our guards are good in reading the Delivery order to the warehouse and make sure they don't leave the facility with unauthorized goods out of the facility.

We have a special Warehouse Security Management System to check the Delivery order in and out, take the image of the driver, take the image of the trucks registration number and etc. This can be provided to the Warehouse Clients as a value add to our services.

Blue i Security officers and management are trained on emergencies due to Fire, handling The panic and alarm system. We have a in house tech team to check on CCTV, Access Control, Alarm, Intercom, metal detector, turnstile access and etc.

Preparing for Emergencies
When emergency situations happen on the lot or at the warehouse, our officers are trained to call for help and offer all of the information that the local authorities are going to need. The local police, fire and authorized personnel must be given proper information to get to the lot or warehouse to ensure that people are kept safe.

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