Security Service in Malaysia

Security Services

Security Service in Malaysia

Security Services in Malaysia

Blue I is known to provide SECURITY SERVICE in MALAYSIA under the license of Home Ministry or KDN and PPKKM Malaysia aka (SECURITY SERVICE ASSOCIATION OF MALAYSIA)SECURITY SERVICES MALAYSIA. We have help more than 1000 companies and organization in the industry from our GUARDS to Surveillance Technologies. Like many security company in Malaysia, Blue I emphasize in training their guards, officer and management.

Being an elite provider although we work with Multi National Companies, Big corporation we also provide affordable security services to help our own community and our country. Our security guard services are specialize to support the our client’s needs.

Our management team always get involve in providing custom security services by adding more to the Standard Operating Procedures in our clients place. We will then pass the SOP down to our site supervisor and offices to learn the SOP.

Beside Blue I Trained Security Personnel, we add value in the Security Technologies for Patrolling, Monitoring, Accessing and reporting system.


  • Klaudiuz R | Aug 29,2016

    Very happy to see a Security Company in Malaysia providing value added information in the area of Security Technology which will improve the overall professionalism of the service in Malaysia. Glad to see Blueicorp taking the initiative in this area.

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