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Visitor Management System  is an essential system support for Guard services. Blue I create security systems to assist officers to be more efficient. a super caliber of security officers has emerged to meet the challenge, officers who are highly qualified, technology savvy and custom-trained for the specific environment in which they will be working on.
Our challenges is to always to enhance our security services by thinking outside the box. More and more customers are looking at proactive security provider hence why we position our-self as a Comprehensive Service provider. Many organizations turns to Bluei for security consulting, risk assessment, security technology and total guard system integration.

Visitor Management System / VMS is integrated to our guard services as a value added especially for Residential, Commercial and Industrial customers in Malaysia. This system is developed and owned by Blue I. We able to customize according to our customer's needs.

Visitor Management Functions are as follows

  1. Registration of Visitors, workers, contractor's authority name and ID
  2. Registration of visitors vehicle registration number
  3. Designate the visitors parking bay number
  4. Register the visiting unit's number
  5. Take pictures of visitors, car number plate and the car
  6. Read ID and Passport (pictures taken)

Visitor Management Added advantage

  1. Able to keep a huge database of visitor details
  2. Management people of the building are able to access the visitor management thru their smartphone
  3. Helps investigation process
  4. Able to upload into our cloud database so Security will know the profile of unwanted visitor with past records

There are more extra features are in the pipe line. If you are looking for a Guard Services  call us now for a free site visit and proposal.

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