CCTV systems

CCTV systems

CCTV systems in Malaysia


Blue I is an expert in CCTV systems, our consultancy team can plan and execute CCTV systems as per the security guarding standard. Our security guard services comes with free CCTV consultancy so our customers will understand the significant of security guarding with proper coverage of CCTV Cameras.

In our experience many factories and buildings are equipped with security cameras for the purposeĀ of insurance requirement but not for a real tool to help security guarding. Customers are not aware of the quality of cameras, type of cameras, type of the resolution captured, type of the system ( IP HD, Analog HD or just analog), experience security officer to handle security cameras in the control room, CCTV maintenance requirement and Etc.

As for Blue I, we provide consultation of the type of systems, positions & locations of the cameras, installing cameras at value for money and getting the most benefit from the security camera system.

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