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Door access system

Access control system is an essential security prevention, It actually prevent intrusion or control workers from accessing certain department. Blue i Security is an expert in Security access control. Many commercial and industrial building are having door access without integrating their door with security alarm system, fire alarm system, back up power, more security access level and so on.

E.g. Security alarm is integrated into door access so that the alarm goes off when it is tampered; Fire alarm will release the doors when there is fire; back up power will still hold the intruder from accessing the door in case the intruder shut the power of the place; more security access level is increasing the number of password to access the door such as adding pin number, proximity card concurrently to access the door.

This only a few example to the door access system solutions. Blue i can provide consultancy for a small cost to our security guarding customers. Contact us today to find out more

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