Security Jobs Vacancy in Malaysia

Security Guard Vacancy

Security Jobs Vacancy in Malaysia

Security Jobs in Malaysia

Blue I Corp is hiring security personnel with or without experience to join our organization. There are 300 new jobs for Guards , 30 Officers and 5 Area Managers vacancies available as at July 2016. Our principles are simple, we hire and train then we continue to provide more training thru our specialize training courses. There are more than 1000 guards receiving training every month from PPKKM Thru the blessing of Home Ministry (Kementerian Dalam Negeri ) Malaysia.   The application of security vetting for employees of the Company, the Local Security Guard and Nepalese Security Guard should be processed through online thru KDN ONLINE VETTING

Blue I Security Jobs are available for Nepalese. We have good nepalese gurkhas at work. We believe in team works therefore we look after our Nepal guards very well. Because of that our workers willing to come back to Blue i when their term is over. Currently the salaries for Nepal guards varies from RM 1700.00 to RM 2500.00 depending on their qualification, training, disciplines. Currently most of our guards are drawing more than RM2000.00 per month. 

Health is one of our concern as good rest makes the guards more alert, with the Denggi issues around we always provide mosquito repellent for our site as prevention. 


Security Guards without Experience - RM1700.00  + 

Security Guards with Experience - RM1800.00 +

Security Officers - RM1900.00 +

Security Senior Officer - RM2300.00 +

Nepal Guards (rehiring from different sectors) - RM1600.00 +

Nepal Guards (rehiring from security sector) - RM1650.00 +

Nepal Guards officers- RM1900.00 +


Call us  Now @ office hours  03-76623395 

Mobile @ 012 321 1515 /  010 2606360