Commercial Building Security

Commercial Building Security

Commercial Building Security

Blue I  provides services for office, mix development and commercial buildings with professional and trained security guard.

Who occupies commercial building

A commercial property has many team members for example tenants, visitors, property managers, and facility managers therefore each comes with different needs and expectations.

What we do

Our trained security guards and management team will meet the needs of each team members and will help keep your property safe from robbery, theft, vandalism, troublemakers, arson, and etc.

How do we provide building security

Our security team will work with your property managers to create a tailored security plan that can include:

Security Guards
Patrolling service
Remote Monitoring Services
Reception and Concierge Management
Perimeter Guarding
Door Key Management Services
Access Control System
Fire and Life Safety
Security System Management and Operation
Security Guidance remotely
Emergency Alarm Response

Blue I security  is an advance security company that specializes in wholesome security solutions as follows:

Integrated Solutions for Guarding
Security Guard Services
Mobile Guarding
Monitoring and surveillance
Remote Monitoring System
Commercial Building Security
Reception and Concierge Management Services
Around the clock Security Operations and Dispatch Centre
Emergency Alarm Response
Remote Entry/Exit Management
Remote Perimeter Protection