Patrolling guard service

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Patrolling Guard Service

A trained guard does patrolling are  normally observant and able to identify any threats or suspicious acts. Blue I personnel are trained in situation such as patrolling in the residential areas, industrial areas and commercial areas.

There are some differences in patrolling for residential security, commercial security and industrial security anyway the basic principles are the same  in patrolling services.

As for residential security there are  3 types commonly known as  Bungalow security, Gated residential such as condominium and houses. When there are no permanent unarmed guards then a customer can seek for a patrolling guard service. It is cheaper in cost and the task is to do a routine patrolling.

In Blue I we have a few gadgets that is important for guard patrol

  1. Clocking Device for patrol with GPS trackers
  2. Walkie talkies
  3. Blue I Jacket with cameras built in (patent pending) & able to record front back and sides while the security personnel are walking.
  4. Whistle
  5. Torch Light

All this equipment on the trained Blue I Security Guard are able to enhance the security patrolling process efficiently.

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