Security Guard Solution

Security Guard Services Malaysia

What is security solutions

Find the best way to resolve your security problem by giving a solution to all sorts of business sectors such as factories, mall, hospitals and residential.

What comprises in a solutions

Guarding Services are getting more complex this days. A proper security guarding solution will be a combination of Trained Guards, Experience Management, sophisticated gadgets.

Example of security guard problem

Security problem such as

  1. Poor security management
  2. Poor security guard performance not up to the mark
  3. Not vigilant enough
  4. As a customer they don’t feel secured
  5. Lack of Training
  6. No discipline
  7. Poor attendance. Not able to be on time and absenteeism
  8. Not following the Standard operating procedure set by customer.
  9.  High turnover of security personnel.

How we analyze the problems

  1. Listen to the customer and understand them
  2. Analyze the problem from the customer’s point and plan a solution
  3. Analyze the security operation and security personnel
  4. After an in-depth study we will plan a way out.

Solving one problem at a time

You can’t solve all the problem at the same time. It has to be done on a stages for example let say the complaint is guard in the reception are not good.

We will have to learn about the operation at the reception, the do and don’ts, understand the guard ability and plan a solutions.

By doing this from one guard to another will eventually solve major issues. Some of the problem can be related to guard’s knowledge  and experience so we always recommend training.

Type gadget or technology we have

Not all problem can be solve with man guarding some of it could only be overcome by security technology.

Blue I has developed Visitor Management System VMS, Central Alarm Monitoring system, Residential apps (3rd party), IoT asset tracking system (3rd party) and Aerial Surveillance System ASS using Drone technology.

How it help our customer in guarding solution

Man guarding alone will not be sufficient to handle security threats for example our ASS surveillance covers a wide range of areas that is not possible for a man or CCTV to monitor.

Training security guards

Malaysian Home Ministry has come up with a lot of training modules and system with the help of the security association of Malaysia. Blue I is been participating in all the training modules and committed to produce good guards services.

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