Security Guard Services Malaysia

Security Training Malaysia

A security guard is paid to protect. Whether it's people, places, property or assets - a security officer's duty is an extremely important one, which is why the protection services industry is one of the most popular among job seekers today. BlueI emphasize training more than anything as it is a pillar for security training in malaysia.

Security Guards Training

Most are employed through private companies that are hired by those who seek protection.

No matter what part of the world you may live in, there's always a demand for keeping watch,

however training requirements and regulations in Malaysia differs from Type of security jobs.

CSG stands for Certified Security Guards Provided by PPKKM and KDN.

This training however is only for Malaysian Guards as for the Nepal Guards we have Train Nepal Guards (TNG).

Bluei participate in Security Training Malaysia and has obtain many certificates and recognition.

Nepalese Guards

Blue I Nepal guards are trained by our In-House trainer. We have gotten good testimonial from our customers. We will select them in Nepal in a Comprehensive interview. They have to fit our criteria before they are selected. They are mostly Ex Army or Ex Police So they are FIT.

There are some issues with the current recruitment of Nepal Gurkha Guards. Due to the currency exchange now the selected guards are not getting a great salary as oppose to previous years. The other drawbacks of this Nepalese Guards is their language, they hardly speaks English.

We normally select them though they can't speak English. We then tuition them on Basic English and Bahasa Malaysia. So far it has been successful in deploying them.

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