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Security Guards

Security Personnel

Security officers is a person with a uniform similar to policeman with similar function.

The difference is, security personnel protects private properties  whilst policeman protects public and larger areas.

Security guards are hired by security firm usually licensed by the government such as in Malaysia it is the Home Ministry.

Type of guards in Malaysia

Malaysian Security guards

Security guard Malaysia

Unarmed Guards

Local Malaysian guards is hired to secure properties that does not require weapon.

They are normally equipped with walkies talkies, baton and whistle.

Blue I Security trains them in-house mostly fire drill, CCTV system, Standard Operating Procedure, Emergency response and etc.

Blue I places the local guards into government buildings and private sectors.

Armed Guards

Armed guards are trained by police force as they have to undergo shooting training.

They are placed in the bank and high risk business.

In the bank they work in cash management services, armed guarding and escort services.


Only Malaysian guards can be a bodyguards according to the government. Usually this guards carries gun.

Bodyguards are trained by the Malaysia Police department.

Tactical Guards

Tactical Security Guards

Malaysian guards with specialize training to do specific task for our clients for example we use tactical guards for emergency response.

Lets say your factory has union that plots to cause damage to your factory or factory operation, a tactical guards should know how to response and subdue the situation.

This type of guards are typically used in Executive protection and Corporate Investigation.

Nepal Guards

In the beginning there were many Gurkha guards (Nepal ex-army) are taken into the country as security guards.

As time goes more trained civilian guard start coming into Malaysia. Nepalese guards are the best known to the world.

You can see them in most countries colonized by British.

In Malaysia, Trained Nepal guards are sanction only in the private properties as they are not allowed to work in the government properties like hospital or even in airports.

By far Nepal guards has earns good name and praises from private customer.

Blue I has assign Nepalese guards in Factories, Residential condominium, private schools and Etc.

security guards

Hire Security Guards

To hire security personnel one must make sure that the person is legitimate and comes from the licensed company.

The next important thing is to know the training undergo by the guards.

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