Executive Protection

Executive protection

Why you need close protection

The world is full of organized crime, kidnapping and assaulting is inevitable if you’re a big shot or important person. 

What is Executive Safe keeping

Executive protection  is a private protection service for very important person

due to personal net worth or someone  who works for a corporation that handles confidential task thus a target of their competitors.

Our Job is make sure they are safe and free from kidnaping and extortion.

How our agent protects you

Our Security personnel will protect the VIP’s  from their home to office.

The Protection involve home security system,  escort, security monitoring, armored vehicles, safety planning and background checking.

Who hires protection services

This service are popular for foreign visitors or delegates that come into the country not knowing the risk of their position.

Big corporation normally hires security company to provide executive protection.

What is the Quality of the protection agent

Blue I hires highly experience personnel form the special crime branch,

CID’s, Interpol  and High rank police officer to work as Executive protector.

Executive Protection rates

Rates for Executive protection may differ with a few factors such as geographical, special request on the background of the protector,

Standard operating procedures and whether you want them to carry arms or unarmed.

Executive Protection (EP) for Corporate

Unarmed service

EP qualification

A protector must undergo 109 hours of training. Bodyguarding and private investigation with martial arts.

His or her background as a ex-commandos or ex-police from CID or Interpol.

8 hours for 26 days = RM 5,200.00

Overtime charges per hour = RM 10.00

Armed Service

EP Qualification

A person that has been in the army ex-commandos or police from CID or equivalent background. Protector must undergo 268 hours of bodyguard training.

8 hours for 26 days = RM 8,000.00

Overtime per hour = RM15.00