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PI Services in Malaysia

Blue I PI services are among security services that we are good at. We have some 12 investigators in our company. The following are the range of services we render:-

  1. Private Investigation
  2. Corporate investigation
  3. Pre Employment Verification


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PI services surveillance

Private Investigation

Checking on missing person, spying on cheating spouse are the common jobs we here today. In Blue I Security, PI services also covers  runaway debtors, monitoring children movement, surveillance, pre-matrimonial check, post matrimonial check and so on.

This is how we look at Private Investigation from your perspective

As a person you may hire us for

  1. Checking a person's address
  2. Tracking a person
  3. Spying on cheating Spouse
  4. monitoring your children
  5. Debt collection


If you are a Legal firm

  1. Checking on Cheating Spouses and provide evidence
  2. Checking on your clients Employee's
  3. Investigate on behalf of your clients


If you are financial Institution

  1. Checking and verifying on loan applicants information.
  2. Bad debt collection - finding addresses



If you are a business corporation

  1. Investigate your management team honesty.
  2. Investigate your business rivals
  3. Back stabbing employees
  4. Investigating Employees receiving bribery


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Private Investigator

Corporate Investigation

Corporation today are hiring Investigator on a long term basis to check on what is wrong with their organization especially when things goes out of hand.

  1. Internal theft - Employee stealing money or  information, P&C documentation, Cyber crimes.
  2. Employment screening services before or after you hire a person.
  3. Asset Tracing Investigations to find missing money, company asset and company belongings
  4. Corporate theft investigation and fraud check
  5. Counter Surveillance for Bugs & Camera Sweeps services as you might have someone monitoring your business/personal activity.
  6. Company Background Screening
  7. Business Due Diligence Investigations
  8. Corporate Surveillance Services
  9. Corporate Fraud Investigations
  10. Checking on your in-house security
  11. In House Litigation Support investigations
  12. Business Risk & Fraud Consultation
  13. Undercover Investigation Operation

Blue I has a team of  internal auditors, Legal advisors, Ex CID's, Ex-Interpol, IT intelligence and Season Investigator. We have received Good testimonial from our multinational corporation for our PI services.

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