Security company in Kuantan

Security Guard Service

Security company in Kuantan

Blue I Security in now in Kuantan. Targeting a few sectors such as industrial and commercial. Our guard company are focusing on technology cum man guarding.

Expanding a business sector is not that easy but certainly depends starting with the correct team. Our branch manager is formerly from PDRM(Polis DiRaja Malaysia) and has a vast experience in running a security company in Kuantan. We covers mostly Kuantan, Gebeng, Termerloh, Cameron Highlands and Etc.

We have a Security personnel from Nepal and Trained local guards. As for Nepalese we have some Gurkhas and the Ex servicemen from Police/ Army of Nepal. As for the local guards are mostly trained civilian (60%) and the rest are ex-servicemen from the army and police.

Call our manager today for a free consultation at 0179341309