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What is a CCTV system 

CCTV system is like a video recorder.

You can imagine a video camera that records and store information in video format. 

Why install CCTV system

Today it is essential to have a CCTV in every properties or business. This is to manage your safety and security.

What can Blue I do for you

We provide security solution by design and install CCTV’s for the best result outcome. 

A supplier and installer can only solve technical issues.

Blue I provides total security solution as below:-

  1. Understand security needs 
  2. Risk assessment based on your property demographic. 
  3. Placing the CCTV cameras the vulnerable areas. 
  4. Selecting the correct cameras, coverage and angle
  5. Setting up monitoring control room
  6.  Total system planning and execution’s.
  7. to benefit guarding, customer and best value for money. 

Why Blue I Security

Blue I is an expert in CCTV system

We offer security guard services and free CCTV consultancy.

Our motive is to make our customers understand the important of security guarding with proper coverage of CCTV Cameras.

We can make our customer to benefit insurance discount and good surveillance system.

Most of Customers are not aware of their CCTV

1. The quality of cameras.

2. Type of cameras,

3. Type of the resolution captured, type of the system ( IP HD, Analog HD or just analog),

An experience security officer to handle security cameras in the control room, CCTV maintenance requirement and Etc.

As for Blue I, we provide consultation for

1. the type of systems.

2.Positions & locations of the cameras.

3.Installing cameras at value for money

4.Getting the most benefit from the security camera system.

Our CCTV customers

We have a wide range of customer from industrial sectors such as Warehouse CCTV and Factory CCTV system. We normally install IP CCTV system as it is scalable and cheaper compare to the less advance system like analog system. Setting up a control room full of Monitors for the security officer is essential so he can view and detect intrusion or safety issues easily. Analytical system such as Face detection, object detection, anomaly detection, Fire and smoke detection.

Anomaly detection is simply behavior profiling to make quick decision on a situation for example a fight or a abnormality of a drunkard.

Object detection commonly use in airport to detects unattended bags in warehouse it can be used as to identify missing consignment.

IP HD CCTV system usually runs on the backbone of Fiber optic or Ethernet cables (Cat6)

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