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Warehouse Security Services

Warehouse Security Services in Malaysia

Warehouse business comes with security threats such as internal theft, goods mismanagement, arson, external threats

especially when a warehouse constantly stocking goods and moving goods in and out.

A warehouse company should have a security plan rolled out to safe keep their goods from all threats.

Blue I can offer services such as consultancy, security guard services and conduct investigation.

Anyway we specialize in the warehouse sectors providing latest method to protect and safe keep your warehouse business.

There are basic practices for warehouse security services that we implement and follows such as:-

Prevent intrusion by putting a strict access control at each access point.

Guard house and post will be manned by professional security guards

therefore all checking of workers identity and drivers of the logistics company.

A LOG BOOK are maintain with all information with regards to access.

Health and Safety Checks

Security personnel will perform a safety check and then they will recorded for all the workers

and contractors during the storing or delivery of goods in and out any abnormality will be reported remotely using warehouse reporting gadgets.

A virus threat can jeopardize warehouse operation therefore disinfection service should take place at the high people movement areas.

CCTV Monitoring

A control room operation doesn’t sleep just so you know that this continuous surveillance will only do good.

Security Patrols

Security patrols is vital for outside and along the perimeter. A good alarm system and CCTV helps to improve guard patrol.

Regular test must be conducted to ensure system are not faulty.

Thorough Security Check

A stringent security check will eliminate 90% of security problem cause by visitors and workers.

System like walk thru metal detector, face detection, access card tighten the warehouse security.

Communicate clearly and effectively

According to Inbound Logistics, clear communication of your goals is the key to effective warehousing operations.

When managers fail to create an environment of effective communication, employee productivity suffers, resulting in high turnover and wasted resources

Use Panic call Button

When a panic situation arises a security should only remember one thing that is to hit the panic alarm button.

Once the alarm goes off the chances the emergency subsiding is high.

Panic call button should be installed everywhere for the security guards to alert in case of intrusion.

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