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Security Guard Services Malaysia

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Security Guard Service

This blog is to explain about security guard service in Malaysia particularly static guard services in big cities around the country. Blue I Security is ready to face the pandemics and their challenges to serve our customers at the very best. Before we go further lets see the pros and cons of security service before,…
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warehouse malaysia

Warehouse Security Services

Warehouse Security Services in Malaysia Warehouse business comes with security threats such as internal theft, goods mismanagement, arson, external threats especially when a warehouse constantly stocking goods and moving goods in and out. A warehouse company should have a security plan rolled out to safe keep their goods from all threats. Blue I can offer…
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car park security

Security for car parks

Why we need security for car parks Do we need security services at a car park in the basement of your office/shopping mall or residential? Security in car park area are always questionable especially when you park in a place where it gives you an ire feeling. Panic alarm for car park It the past…
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Gurkha Guards Services Malaysia

Providing Security Services

Providing Security Services We are in the business of providing comprehensive security services. What is comprehensive Security? Most company today are talking about comprehensive but don’t really mean it. Let say you are a committee member of golf club in Malaysia and you are looking at security solutions, What will be your concern on security…
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Nepal Guards

10 ways to prevent break-in in residential apartment

Security guard service in residential apartment Is Condominium and Service apartment safe place to stay? The perception has change after many security issues crept up in the past. Most of residence are not aware that the are staying  thief within their condominium. Once the a theft happens the criminal will move to other apartments. The…
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Security Guards

10 ways to avoid Snatch theft at your residential areas

What is Snatch theft Snatch Theft is a criminal act common in Southeast Asia. The criminal will violently steal a pedestrian’s personal property by engaging rob-and-run tactics Theft at residential areas More and more of new cases are rising with new tactics and method use on the victims. Best method to get rid of Snatch…
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Home security

Home Security Services

Our Home security services  highlights brings to the growing issues in Security Problems faced by apartment ‘owners. Security issues in residential The security issues is at rise in residential condominiums and apartments. Most of this building is running under a Joint Management Body (JMB) or Joint Management Committee (JMC). The JMC/JMB’s usually hires private property…
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Security guard services

Security Guard Services in Malaysia and service rates

Security Guard Services and Service rates It has been a talk going on about how much should customer pay for their security guard services. In Malaysia there are about of 800 security licenses has been issued and most of this companies has different targets of industry and customers. Security Guard Services in Malaysia working in…
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Home Guards

Home Security Services in Malaysia

Home Security Services Residential owners today seeks for best solution to guard their home. Blue I provides security and safety by introducing SOP for guarding and cutting edge technology as a solution.  Our expertise in Home guarding Our competitive edge on Home Guard services 1. First impression is a lasting impression so we give important to…
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