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Security Guard Services Malaysia

Security guard service

Security Guard Service

This blog is to explain about security guard service in Malaysia particularly static guard services in big cities around the country. Blue I Security is ready to face the pandemics and their challenges to serve our customers at the very best. Before we go further lets see the pros and cons of security service before,…
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Security guard services

Security Guard Services in Malaysia and service rates

Security Guard Services and Service rates It has been a talk going on about how much should customer pay for their security guard services. In Malaysia there are about of 800 security licenses has been issued and most of this companies has different targets of industry and customers. Security Guard Services in Malaysia working in…
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Nepal Security Guards in Malaysia

Nepalese Gurkha Guards are respected guards in Malaysia due to their legacy during the colonization of the British empire in Malaya (Malaysia’s old name). The Malaysian Government recognized their services and therefore only allow Nepalese as guards in Malaysia. We still have Gurkha Malaysia Army Company in Malaysia. Today the Nepalese Ex Military and Ex…
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