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Security guard service

Security Guard Service

This blog is to explain about security guard service in Malaysia particularly static guard services in big cities around the country.

Blue I Security is ready to face the pandemics and their challenges to serve our customers at the very best. Before we go further lets see the pros and cons of security service before, during and after the pandemics (forecast). This has effect on the safety protection industry in the country.

Security guard service before pandemic

It was rather easy to do business without having an issue of pandemics. there are no additional expenses  such as to purchase sanitization materials. Security guards are difficult to hire as more demand to get a trained and knowledgeable security personnel.

Guards demands for higher pay for their experience. High turnover of personnel are also seen.

Customers business was flourishing thus increases the demand for guarding.


Guard service during the pandemics

Government implements movement control to restrict public from crowding and spreading viruses. Guarding cost increases by 20% as guards have to wear mask, face shield, PPE clothing and extra works.

Extra duty for security guards such as temperature taking, record visitors temperature, taking survey of covid-19 questionnaires and keeping track guards well being. Although the duty increases the revenue for security service are still the same at most places.

Security personnel have to go for a covid-19 test causing more money for security company. Malaysian government are helping to reduce the overhead of business owners by giving subsidy for covid-19 test.

Many customers are facing business down turn as a result of that customer close their businesses, reduce working staff and declares bankruptcy. This effects the business of  guarding company hence security guard service.

During the pandemics for example hiring guards are easier as more people are jobless giving security company the opportunity to select the best personnel.


After pandemics forecast 

Government providing free vaccine for public thus reduces the risk of viruses spreading. Extra duty of security guards are going to remain the same as it is. Security personnel are going to have identity card bearing vaccine information.


Our company mission

Blue I Security ensures that we take care of our customers and clients at the same time we will help to offer more jobless Malaysian. In security guard service, we place 2 guards for 24hrs. Now we are planning to place 3 guards instead so each guards get to work for 8hours per shift.

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10 ways to prevent break-in in residential apartment

Security guard service in residential apartment

Is Condominium and Service apartment safe place to stay? The perception has change after many security issues crept up in the past.

Most of residence are not aware that the are staying  thief within their condominium.

Once the a theft happens the criminal will move to other apartments.

The property management and residential association are fighting to reduce such crime but unable to.

10 tips to prevent break-in

Check your tenant back ground

We are suggesting the 10 ways to prevent break-in in residential apartment Residence association or committee should check the background of the new tenants to their building

Add more security camera

Add more security cameras in the emergency staircase and elevator.

Security guards patrolling at each residential floors.

Introduce patrolling device

Security guard should use guard patrolling device to have record of their patrolling activity.

Select a security in-charge person among the resident  in every floor or alternate floor.

By forming a security sub committee you will ease the security guard jobs.

Access control for emergency door and elevator.

Remember the fire department or Bomba restrict you from putting the access system at the emergency doors.

You can still get an approval from Bomba if you can add glass break exit button at the emergency door .

Also connect the exit sensor to the fire control panel so it releases the door during fire.

A patrolling routes must change from time to time so no one can predict their movement.

Property Manager should send a welcome letter to a new tenant simply to inform them that they have been notified.

 Introduce security apps for gated community or form a WhatsApp group to keep the community informed about suspicious activities.

To inform the management if the residence is going away for long holidays so the management can get the security guards to do their patrolling more often in the respective floors.

Unit owners can set up their alarm to call their security hotline number like CMS in case the alarm goes off.  Security guard is the best person to attend the CMS call during panic.

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