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Security Guard Services Malaysia

Guard patrolling device for security service

Patrolling Device for Security Service Patrolling is essential in security service for any sectors of business. Basically to deter criminal activity and maximize safety in particular areas, protecting both people & property. Our security guard company, provides guard patrol device as a part of security system to further enhance the customer satisfaction. A good guard…
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security guard companies in Kuala Lumpur

Why customer choose our security company

Why customer choose Blue I security company Focused security firm We are one of the top security provider focused on customer’s company requirement and full fill them to their satisfaction.  Blue I team study, plan and executes the procedures as per the customer’s security needs. Located in all towns and cities If you are looking…
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Security guard quotation
Security guard services

Security Guard Services Malaysia

Security guard services and rates Security guard services in Malaysia is a competitive business. There are list of security company in Kuala Lumpur. You can probably get to negotiate the guard rates based on the number of guards you want to hire. Then again there are many factors that can cause the guarding rates to…
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Malaysia Security Company

Security Guard Company in Malaysia We are a professional and technology savvy security guard company in Malaysia. We specialize in elite security services for all sector of businesses. Our management often send our security guard for 19 hours training every month for up-keep our company service standards. We have different approach for different customer for…
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Security guard service

Security Guard Service

This blog is to explain about security guard service in Malaysia particularly static guard services in big cities around the country. Blue I Security is ready to face the pandemics and their challenges to serve our customers at the very best. Before we go further lets see the pros and cons of security service before,…
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Nepalese guards

Do we need Nepalese Guards in Malaysia

Nepalese Guards in Malaysia Do you know who is guarding your property today? Are they Foreign guards or Local guards? Foreign guards means Nepalese guards are also known as Gurkha guards. In Malaysia we have a rules that all Government properties must be guarded by Malaysian Security personnel that includes Airport and Sea Ports. Advantages…
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warehouse malaysia

Warehouse Security Services

Warehouse Security Services in Malaysia Warehouse business comes with security threats such as internal theft, goods mismanagement, arson, external threats especially when a warehouse constantly stocking goods and moving goods in and out. A warehouse company should have a security plan rolled out to safe keep their goods from all threats. Blue I can offer…
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Nepal Guards

Nepal Guard approval

Are Malaysia Security companies getting Nepal Guards? Year 2020 has been promising year for Malaysia Security Company to bring in Nepal guards. After the change of New Malaysia government, Nepal politics also changed hand to their opposition party hence the government today. The New Nepal government has introduced zero cost jobs which means Nepalese no…
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car park security

Security for car parks

Why we need security for car parks Do we need security services at a car park in the basement of your office/shopping mall or residential? Security in car park area are always questionable especially when you park in a place where it gives you an ire feeling. Panic alarm for car park It the past…
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