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Guard patrolling device for security service

Patrolling Device for Security Service

Patrolling is essential in security service for any sectors of business. Basically to deter criminal activity and maximize safety in particular areas, protecting both people & property.

There are no prove that guards are performing their routine patrol at each check points. That is why the Security company in Malaysia introduce Guard Patrolling device  for security service to prove that their guards are doing routine checks during the patrol. The advantages are simply to get the security guards to
1. patrol
2. Check the surrounding at each check points
3. provide report if something wrong
4. Used as evidence that the guards followed their SOP.

In the past security guards usually use a key and lock base patrolling device for example each location has a key and the guard have to put the key in to the key hole in a clocking box. Security guard will carry the box every where during patrolling.

At the end of the shift, a security officer in pull a long tape from the clocking box indicating checkpoints, time and date.

Today newer technology is introduce for a better performance and tamper free. A digital device is use for patrolling.

It comprises of digital reader, check point button and software to read the patrolling information. furthermore some of the device has extra features like GPS, Wifi and GSM that is automatically uploads guards activity and their whereabouts.

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